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Encounters in Indian Country

By Mardith Schuetz-Miller

Encounters in Indian Country by Mardith Schuetz-Miller


Encounters in Indian Country is a chronicle of “a long life blessed with adventure and travel” written as a personal and friendly narrative of the author’s journey through time and across the globe. Her account ranges from childhood events that sparked her interest in history and Indian culture to her fascinating friendships and adventures as an archeologist and historian. The reader travels from Oklahoma to South America and around the globe with stories ending in Mexico. The reader meets the people encountered along the way by this remarkable woman who shares her story with us. Meet Laura Lopez in Guatemala; Princess Curuncho in Costa Rica; Alfredo, an Indian guide at Machu Pichu; Nakai and her medicine wheel; Jack Battis, Coushatta Medicine Man; Reggie Cedar Face; Mildred Cleghorn, great niece of Geronimo; Ed Calf Robe, Medicine Man with a flying pipe; Martha Many Grey Horses; Chief Oliver Red Cloud, and Claudia Iron Hawk, medicine woman and descendent of Wounded Knee. The author explores ancient archeological sites; is married in the desert; experiences a Vision Quest; finds her Spirit Guide and becomes “Big-cat Woman”. This is an exciting, fast-moving adventure into a world few know, full of spirituality, beauty and warm friendships.

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